Seiki Ramen Noodles

I have to make a confession – I grew up on packaged ramen. Don’t laugh. I am ashamed enough as it is. But, I didn’t know any better before, so you can’t blame me.

However, being introduced to the real deal was like a whole new world for me. One that I was anxious to explore.

On finding Seiki Ramen in San Jose of Evergreen Square, my taste buds have been hooked ever since, wanting to roam back to the restaurant as soon as I can.

Before I even picked up a menu, I was welcomed with lychee-infused water. It’s so refreshingly sweet, without even really being sweet. I could’ve drank a whole pitcher to myself, but then I’d have no room for my coming noodles.

Dark Roasted Black Barlic Tonkatsu
Dark Roasted Black Garlic Tonkatsu

Ahh, the noodles. I went with the ever-popular choice, Dark Roasted Black Garlic Tonkatsu. One bite, one sip of the soup, and I could see why it was a favorite. The broth is so full of flavor my mouth salivates between each bite. I found myself intrigued with every little additive in my soup. The rich, runny, soft-boiled egg, the smoky pork belly, the tender marinated pork (kakuni), and the delicate thin wavy noodles I chose (there are the thicker variety for others’ tastes) made such a satisfying and filling combination that I defy anyone to say that soup is not a meal. I was stuffed!

Being the adventurous sort, my hubby chose the Spicy Tokyo Miso, along with baby spinach noodles. The kick in that broth is tantalizing and delicious, perfect for a spice-craving palette. But, those spinach noodles were so good that I’ve been dying to go back and get them in my next bowl. The texture is the same, there’s just a subtle extra flavor that I loved, and the idea that I’m getting a little added nutrition from the noodles had me completely sold.

Spicy Tokyo Miso ramen noodles
Spicy Tokyo Miso with spinach noodles

For more picky eaters, particularly kids, Seiki also provides their form of chicken nuggets, which are more like popcorn chicken. We ordered a plate for my daughter, and I happily sneaked some juicy pieces for myself (good batter, too!). However, my noodles were so good that my daughter was more interested in my bowl of soup than her typical favorite meal. I found myself sharing half of my dinner with her.

Despite our full bellies, the sweet milk teas were too inviting after our savory soups. Surprisingly refreshing, they’re not too sweet, but remain fruity enough to satisfy the dessert cravings of a four-year old (just ask mine).

Milk teas - strawberry with jelly hearts and mango with jelly stars
Milk teas – strawberry with jelly hearts and mango with jelly stars

Despite an undoubtedly sodium-packed meal, I enjoyed my meal too much to care about any dietary restrictions that evening. And, the milk teas are so much lighter than a milk shake that I refused to feel guilty about that either.

All in all, I have been turned into a ramen addict and look forward to my next face-stuffing visit.


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