A Slice of New York

There are some who will settle for a crust that resembles cardboard or even eat cold pizza right out of the fridge. And then, there are those of us who hold higher standards for pizza, recognizing the potential for a well-made crust and sauce. Down at A Slice of New York, us snobs can find ourselves a satisfying pie.

A sweet, yet slightly tangy sauce topping a crisply thin crust is just how pizza should be. It may not be exactly authentic Italian, but it is a good authentically Italian-American pizza.

Pepperoni and margherita pizza
Pepperoni and margherita pizza

Unless you order the Sicilian style, particular the loaded Meat Lovers inch-thick square, the appearance of your pizza is going to be flat, which adds a nice resemblance to the authentic pizza from Naples.

While the regular thin pizza has a delightful crispy crust, the Sicilian’s crust has an outer crispness with an enjoyable chewy center.

No matter what combination of toppings is on the pizza, the zest from the pepperoni or the oakyness of the mushroom melds well with the flavorful, cheese, sauce, and crust (which are the three main staples to any fine pizza).

A side of garlic knots also makes a fine contribution to any pizza. The drizzle of olive oil and pesto atop the garlic-packed buns only intensify the pleasant chewiness of the bread. 

Half order of garlic knots and marinara sauce
Half order of garlic knots and marinara sauce

If you want your pizza as authentic as possible, the tangy marinara sauce that accompanies the garlic knots also goes nicely with the pizza, which may be my only suggestion  –  more sauce is better sauce.

As far as being a genuine New York parlor, the restaurant even offers Devil Dogs, which were originally only sold on the east coast.

However, if you’re looking for a more authentic dessert to go with your Italian meal, try the cannoli. Admittedly, I usually don’t care for them, but these ones have such a pleasantly crisp shell that isn’t dry or greasy, and their cream was sweetened and creamy enough to satisfy my sweet tooth.

Slice of New York chocolate chip mini cannoli
Slice of New York chocolate chip mini cannoli

 Of course, they could not call the place A Slice of New York without making the customers feel like they were enjoying a slice of New York city. The interior of the quaint pizzeria is a collage of various pictures, souvenirs, and even subway signs from New York. It is too bad that the place is too small to sit in and bask in the décor. Then again, the small size and crowd rushing in is just another touch that reminds us of the crampness of New York.

It is a good thing there are some tables outside since the place gets flooded with incoming and outgoing patrons around lunch time.  If you do not want to worry about fighting for a seat, take the pizza home. Oddly enough, this little establishment has the power to alter the easy-going Californian into a quick-moving New Yorker.


Read more reviews by Amelia on her Yelp page. 


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