A Life to Dream


There’s rustling reeds about a quarter of a mile away. I can’t make out what animal it is. It’s moving fast. One minute it seems short, the next it seems tall. Maybe a deer with tall antlers? Maybe a…

No. It’s moves are like a hunter’s. Quick stops and fast advances. It’s another predator. Pulling my bow and arrow to my side, I adjust my position to make sure I’m hidden behind some full branches. I’d heard rumors of a young, lone lion in our area, but I haven’t seen it for myself. I assumed it was just a rumor started by some younger kids in the village. My clan purposely gave the nearest lion pride a wide berth, but there isn’t a lot we can do if a young male has been shunned by the rest of its pride.

The reeds move again. Whatever it is, it’s heading to the clearing, straight towards me.

My heart pounds with anticipation. I’m not sure I can handle a full grown…

Wait. That’s something that could be worse than a lion – a man.

Squinting, one hand acts as a visor over my eyes. I look for markings on his clothing or tattoos that could indicate which clan he’s from. His body structure looks familiar though. His shoulders, his height, his beard… Xander.

My stomach does a flip while fears are replaced with anxious nerves. I didn’t expect to see him again so soon. Maybe he’s hunting in my area, again. But, why? That’s not something he’s supposed to make a habit of. Or, maybe he’s just passing through.

Xander studies the clearing before deciding to proceed. He’s heading straight for me.

Do I show myself or remain hiding?

Why would I hide from him?


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