Things to Do in New Orleans

When we stepped out of the car, I could feel the liveliness in the pavement beneath my feet and the air I was breathing in. It was warm, sunny, and humid when we first arrived. I’m sure the sounds of distant music and the scent of Louisiana cuisine in the air contributed to this immediate atmospheric shift. I felt transported, and I loved it.

Free Things to Do in Washington DC

One day in DC is not enough. We walked around the beautiful town that is borderline pristine for about 6 hours straight and yet, I still wanted to see more.

How NOT to Visit Philadelphia

Where the heart of the city was – eating cheesesteaks, playing basketball, and listening to music – is also where I felt a sense of community.

What to Expect at Niagara Falls

Numerous patches of seeming brooks and small streams surround you, all heading the same direction, all eventually gathered together to add to the tumultuous site of Niagara.

How to Tour Chicago in a Day

After 15 hours driving from South Dakota, switching driver seats half-way, we’d finally made it to the windy city … the very windy. I was all-too grateful that we brought our thickest winter jackets.

South Dakota Road Trip

Nearing Mt. Rushmore, we didn’t even have to get to the park before we could see the monument very clearly. I actually enjoyed seeing it at the various angels along the road, rarely shown in history books.

Bangor, Maine

First Day – Browsing Bangor Although we got a late start on our first day in Bangor, my boyfriend and I eventually made it to the downtown area for a stroll around the city. Being a hot and muggy 88 degrees made walking around slightly uncomfortable. I am used to the dry heat in California,…

New York, New York

When I was two years old, I visited New York for the first time. I have but one memory of that trip – a blurred image of the Statue of Liberty. In 2008 I decided to take my first trip as an adult to New York City. It was time to experience the Big Apple…

How We Planned a Road Trip

Day 1 – My husband and I set off with less than two weeks to head east across the northern part of the country and come back westward… Because of time-constraints and extremely last minute planning, my husband/travel companion and I embarked on a trip of a life-time, with less than two days to plan our two-week trip. Are we crazy? Oh yeah. But, did we have fun? Of course!

Carmel by the Sea

It is hard to explain my life-long love of the Monterrey Bay and Carmel. Maybe it has to do with being a local Californian, growing up under the sun, loving the soft sand between my toes. Living roughly an hour from the bay and peninsula, my parents made a habit of always visiting the area…