Top 3 Reasons to Love Dim Sum

Asian Pearl is one such place I can actually indulge in my cravings and feel satisfied when I leave. More than satisfied, actually. My stomach is usually threatening to pop the button of my jeans by the time I’m done eating.

Where to Eat Dinner in Gilroy

Cafe Thyme had a classy atmosphere, with minimalist decor. Though there were a couple dishes and details that could have been better, I still found the place good enough to come again.

Why Ramen and Boba Tea are Popular

I went with the ever-popular choice, Dark Roasted Black Garlic Tonkatsu. One bite, one sip of the soup, and I could see why it was a favorite.

How to Order Coffee at Philz

While some just need that jolt of caffeine first thing in the morning, others crave tantalizing tastes to wake up our taste buds and warm us through.

Where to Eat Poke Bowls in Fremont

I have heard perfectly fresh sushi described as an orgasmic experience in one’s mouth. Sweet, tender, and melt-in-your-mouth fish is what sushi should always be.

A Slice of New York | San Jose, CA

A sweet, yet slightly tangy sauce topping a crisply thin crust is just how pizza should be. It may not be exactly authentic Italian, but it is a good authentically Italian-American pizza.

Ariake Sushi | San Jose, CA

Ariake – Typically, when the word cheap is combined with sushi people think of dry fish, dry rice, or worse yet, food poising. Well, I have found that one of the better places to get my money’s worth for inexpensive and freshly made sushi is Ariake.


In downtown San Jose, there are plenty of eateries to choose from, no matter what kind of food people are in the mood for. On the same street, I found two taquerias within 4 houses of each other, but only one of them is the home of the largest burrito in the city, state, possibly…