Peas and Carrots | Ch 8

My tail wags me forward and toe nails click on the kitchen floor as I skulk over to Mom’s bare feet. Lying down, but attentive. I’d drop my head between my paws, but I’d rather smell Baby Girl’s food over the disinfectant mom used to wipe the floors this morning.

He Moved | Chapter 7

Green grass perfumes the air as he stands |
 Dirt caked to dry paws smell earthy and wild |
 His cold nose touches mine

On the Move | Chapter 6

Humming with each stride of the knee, her breathing increases speed. I smell her sweet softness as she nears. And, when the vibration of her chubby hands slapping the floor reverberates beneath my paw, my eyes snap open and I spring to my feet.

Go to Sleep | Chapter 5

My gut clenches with every squeal. As much as this hurts my ears, there’s a fear eating my insides that I’m not used to.

Who Are You? | Chapter 4

So many faces to see.

So many wet kisses for free.

They hug me and sing.

Some bounce me on a knee.

Bo Meets Baby | Chapter 1

Like the syrup and butter Mom and Dad would slather on waffles or pancakes Saturday mornings, she had an irresistible scent that took all of my will power to restrain from licking her face…

Moving Fluff | Chapter 2

Life is made of hugs, kisses, and milk.
Sweet smiles, bad breath, and diaper changes at will.
And then,
panting face, slobbery kisses, and nose with a chill

Go Away | Chapter 3

My parents would enter the room, they’d call me over, and the wagging of my tail would propel me forward. Hugs, scratching, and loving words were poured over me while I sniffed and licked their sweet, salty faces.