Who Are You? | Chapter 4

– Baby –

So many faces to see.

So many wet kisses for free.

They hug me and sing.

Some bounce me on a knee.


They shove pink fluffy toys in my face.

I want to throw them all over the place.


I do.

They laugh.

I smile.

They gasp.

I cry.

They cry.


Who are they?

When will they go?

I don’t want these strange faces to stay.

I want to be alone in our home.


Strangers let go when I throw a fit.

And if I poop, they all lose it.


I want Mama’s milk.

I want Papa’s arms.

I love her sweet nectar of silk.

I love his warm gentle charm.



I don’t like strangers’ smells. Sour and strong.

Mama smells sweet. Wish she held me all along.


Strangers are loud and hold me so weird.

What’s a football? Am I a football?

Papa is quiet, never holding with fear.


Eyes get heavy. World gets dark.

I awaken to the sound of a bark.


Mama scolds Fluff.

I don’t see strangers.

Thank you, for the ruff.

Papa’s arms have no danger.


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