Worn Out

You walk me up and down streets, staring through shop windows, strutting me through coffee shops for “just one more” pick me up, then leave me slumped in the corner while you try on more clothes.

Things to Do on a Road Trip

Sometimes a road trip is just that – a trip on the road with nothing else to do or see but watch the never-ending stretch of grey pavement in front of and behind you.

Review of “The Handmaid’s Tale”

The unraveling layers that unfold with each page diving into dynamics of our country’s societal evolution, our conceptions and misconceptions on love and devotion, the cause and affects of desperation on individuals vs a group. There are so many aspects of human nature that I’m left to ponder.

Peas and Carrots | Ch 8

My tail wags me forward and toe nails click on the kitchen floor as I skulk over to Mom’s bare feet. Lying down, but attentive. I’d drop my head between my paws, but I’d rather smell Baby Girl’s food over the disinfectant mom used to wipe the floors this morning.

Things to Do in New Orleans

When we stepped out of the car, I could feel the liveliness in the pavement beneath my feet and the air I was breathing in. It was warm, sunny, and humid when we first arrived. I’m sure the sounds of distant music and the scent of Louisiana cuisine in the air contributed to this immediate atmospheric shift. I felt transported, and I loved it.

Top 3 Reasons to Love Dim Sum

Asian Pearl is one such place I can actually indulge in my cravings and feel satisfied when I leave. More than satisfied, actually. My stomach is usually threatening to pop the button of my jeans by the time I’m done eating.

Free Things to Do in Washington DC

One day in DC is not enough. We walked around the beautiful town that is borderline pristine for about 6 hours straight and yet, I still wanted to see more.

He Moved | Chapter 7

Green grass perfumes the air as he stands |
 Dirt caked to dry paws smell earthy and wild |
 His cold nose touches mine

Where to Eat Dinner in Gilroy

Cafe Thyme had a classy atmosphere, with minimalist decor. Though there were a couple dishes and details that could have been better, I still found the place good enough to come again.